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About Us

Our Vision

By 2025, LinkBuild envisions becoming a sustainable provider and facilitator of affordable housing for low-income, poor and vulnerable communities, in urban and peri-urban areas, linked to a broader people-driven and transformative development process.

Our Mission

LinkBuild is committed to developing and scaling up innovative, affordable, and sustainable housing solutions and programs for and with low-income, poor and vulnerable urban and peri-urban communities, that would generate adequate financial returns for LinkBuild and social returns for its client communities

LinkBuild’s team builds on 30 years of expertise providing housing solutions for marginalized communities across the country. At LinkBuild, we have a unique approach to pro-poor urban development, as we aim to promote and implement in all our projects, approaches that are transformative and community-led, climate-crisis responsive, sustainable, and inclusive. 


Founded in February 2014, we are one of the two latest additions to the Philippine Alliance, a group of 5 organizations that have a common mission of providing sustainable shelter solutions to the urban poor through a community-driven process. From community organizing, legal support, technical support, housing construction, and microfinancing, each institution is able to provide a unique service aimed towards community building. As an alliance, we aim for a holistic intervention that is not just focused on housing, but on the social, economic, and environmental transformation of the communities, we assist.


LinkBuild was formed to enable the Philippine Alliance to deliver sustainable housing to scale, primarily but not solely, for the member-communities of the Homeless People’s Federation Philippines, Inc. (HPFPI), as well as their affiliates and other partner community networks. Through HPFPI, we are able to collaborate with self-organizing communities and deliver bespoke housing that caters to their real needs. 


Since taking over the alliance’s housing delivery function in 2014, we have served 155 families through core housing spread across 5 projects, and are currently assisting 282 families to gain access to land. We are also in the process of studying the viability of mixed-income housing, one of the first of its kind in the Philippines, that would benefit around 175 families. As we continue to grow, we aim to continue to scale up and serve more through the development and delivery of affordable and sustainable housing solutions and programs for marginalized communities.

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